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skip-sabbato-brenda.jpg - 14601 Bytes Skip Sabatto and Brenda Gray Edwards. Reference 35th BSHS '65 reunion.
Sue Gail Hammond Farquhar and her daughter Jennifer Eileen. Jennifer, 20 years old, is a student at U.T.S.A and  works part-time at a bank.
Sue Gail works for Security Services Federal Credit Union in the mortgage Dept and has lived in San Antonio since 1971. Sue Gail said she didn't have any grandchildren, but she did have two "grand" dogs named Madison and Blondie.
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Both  Dick  and Mickey (Crow) Sweeden
are from the Class of '65. Mickey is holding grandson Cole Yates. In the back row are from left to right son-in-law Douglas Yates, Mickey and Dick's daughters, Leah Yates and Annie LeBlanc  and son-in-law Barret  LeBlanc.  They live in Temple, Texas where Mickey teaches Pre-K and Dick is  Hospital Administrator at Scott and White Memorial 
Dick's School Photo
Mickey's School Photo
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Brenda Gray Edwards and her grandchildren. From left to right are Daniel, Haylee, Andrew and Blake.

Brenda's School Photo

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Mariann Williams with her two daughters (left to right) Sarah D'Ann Heffington, age 16, will be a junior at BSHS and Amanda Marie Heffington, age 20, will be a Junior at San Angelo State University. Mariann, a teacher, will be co-host with Larry Miller at this years 35th Class '65 reunion.

Mariann's School Photo

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Dickie Jones lives in Big Spring. Dickie joined the Navy after graduation and worked in Hawaii in top security decoding messages of the Vietnam War for the President and Defense Department. After his Navy duty he returned home and his old job with "Maw Bell".  Dickie still loves his old cars. He now professionally restores 1957 Chevrolets of  Customers from across the United States.

Dickie's School Photo

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corvette1.jpg - 16096 Bytes Cliff Creighton, his 58 Corvette and Layne and Jay Creighton. Layne is a Freshman at Baylor University. Jay is an 8th grader at Bonham Middle School in Amarillo, Texas. 

 Cliff's School Photo

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Ray Anderson and his wife Mary live in Ballinger, Texas. Ray served 10 years as a municipal judge and now works for the City of Ballinger's technology department. Ray has two daughters, Patricia who received her BS degree from Prudue University in Indiana, and Joy who received her BA degree from San Angelo State University. Patti is a Resource Manager and Joy will be a teacher. Ray's wife Mary works for one of the local banks. 

 Ray's School Photo      Ray's Family

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Jerry Belew retired from Federal Service in 1998 after spending 32 years with the Dept. of the Army and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  During his career he's specialized in computer technology and info mgt, including info security and LAN/WAN support. He is currently working as a contract LAN administrator/desktop support technician in the Albuquerque, NM area.      Jerry's School Photo

Larry Miller is a clinical pharmacist at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, but lives in Midland. Marie is a housewife and enjoys their 4 granddaughters. Larry and Marie's children are Carol who lives in Big Spring, she has 3 girls, one is 10 and a set of 3 year old identical twins. Shane lives in Midland and has a 4 year old daughter. Meredith lives in Midland and will graduate from UTPB in May and is planning on going to work for a pharmaceutical company. Larry and Marie moved to Midland in Jan of 1996 after leaving Big Spring. Larry will Co-host the Class '65 35th reunion iwth Mariann Williams.
 Larry's School Photo
Justin Redman and his wife Angie live in Wright City, Oklahoma. He spent five years in the aerospace industry with LTV Aerospace working with A7A fighter-bomber project and the Boeing 747. This all fell apart after the Vietnam war came to a close. Then he chose a busy life as a Firestone tire dealer for 18 years.       Justin's School Photo
Terry Cauble Carpenter and husband Bob Carpenter
Terry's School Photo
Barbara Wilson Penland is a nurse and lives in Hurst Texas. She has one daughter who graduated from Texas Tech and is a CPA. She has two beautiful grandchildren who live close to her and are the joy of her life.
Barbara's School Photo
In Germany, Class of '65 foreign exchange student Klaus Limbacher in the center with his wife Gabby to the left and our classmate Steffi Clark Payne to the right. Steffi now lives in Germany and is coming home soon.
Steffi's School Photo
Benny and Pam Vines Kirkland Family

Front Row:  Granddaughters Regan Tindell, Emily Kirkland, Bailey Tindell, Sarah Tindell   Second Row:  Daughter- in-law Angela Kirkland, daughter Kristin Tindell, Pam Vines Kirkland   Third Row:  Son Calvin Kirkland, son-in-law Alan Tindell, Benny Kirkland  Standing in back:  Grandson Coby Kirkland

Benny's and Pam's School Photos

Classmates, we would like to put your families picture here. If you do not have a scanner, you can mail a photograph to: Ray Anderson 1207 10th St. Ballinger Texas, 76821. Ray will scan it and return it in your SASE. If you already have a digital image you may email it to Ray at . We look forward to filling several pages of As We Are Now Photos.

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